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Gravity Conveyor Systems

Complete Gravity Roller systems
Complete Gravity Roller systems

Rigid systems

In addition to individual components, CCBA is able to supply complete gravity roller conveyor systems to your requirements.

We cover everything from lightweight packaging units to heavy-duty pallet moving conveyors.

We can fit variable-height telescopic legs, as well as screw-feet for fine adjutment. In addition, we can incorporate roller guides, roller brakes, rollback preventers, ball-tables and even lift-up pedestrian bridges.

We can also manufacture roller corner and bend units, as well as more complex merge/split and accumulation systems.

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Flexible Gravity Skatewheel Conveyor

Flexible Conveyors

These are traditionaly used for lorry loading, but are suitable for any application where a conveyor might be needed for a short time, but then needs to be 'tidied away' somewhere. The units can extend out when in use, but then conertina down for storage.

We normally supply them with lockeable castors to facilitate deployment/storage.

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